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Car Key Replacement Services

When looking to have replacement car keys made, it’s important to be familiar with the different types of keys that are used today. Once you’ve identified what type of key you are looking to replace, our auto locksmith experts will be happy to step in and help you with your car keys replacement needs.

car key replacement


Twenty years ago, if you lost your car key, it was an inconvenience that was easily rectifiable by taking a quick trip to the local hardware store. The 90’s were a simpler time, technologically speaking, and it was easier to replace car keys and duplicate car keys. The issue with the simpler car keys and ignitions was that they didn’t provide enough theft protection against car burglars, which is why car thefts were at an all-time high in the 1990’s. In recent years, there has been much advancement in auto security technology resulting in fewer cars being stolen overall.

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With all the positives that came along with enhancing the way car keys are made, there is a slight downside: Since keys have become very high-tech, the average auto key replacement cost has risen dramatically. Additionally, because newer model replacement car keys are more difficult to make and duplicate, most car keys can only be serviced by professional auto locksmiths who are fully trained and are experienced when it comes to making modern car keys replacements. Thankfully, our Leo's Locksmiths are here to help with all your lost car key replacement needs for a reasonable price no matter what retro or late-model car you drive. The following are the most common types of replacement keys for cars that we are asked to help replace:

The Types of Car Keys We Service

Standard Car Keys

standard car keyBasic car keys that are commonly used in 90’s vehicles are simple and don’t come with any additional security features. Standard car keys each come with specific grooves and cuts that match with the lock inside a specific car, functioning in pretty much the same way as a home key would. Car key replacement of standard car keys is relatively inexpensive when compared to what it costs to replace newer and more modern vehicle keys.

Transponder Keys

transponder keyTransponder keys don’t look all that different from standard car keys, except that they often have a thick piece of plastic attached to the top of the key. Inside that piece of plastic is a small transponder chip that contains a responder that when matched with a specific car’s ignition transmitter, will unlock, allowing you to drive the car. It is very important to only purchase transponder keys from a reliable company and to hire a qualified locksmith when it comes to purchasing a car keys replacement.

Laser Cut Keys 

laser cut keysLaser cut keys are cut with a specific pattern on both sides of it that the key could be inserted into the car’s ignition easily. The machine that is needed in order to replace car keys via laser cut techniques is costly, which is why it can be difficult to find experts who work with these keys as we do.

Switchblade Keys

switchblade keyThese Keys are fun to carry around, as they fold small and then pop out at the click of a button. They are sometimes laser-cut and sometime cut in the standard way, and they usually come with a key fob installed in the thick outer key casing. The car key replacement cost of switchblade keys are significantly less to repair than most when damaged, but can cost a substantial amount of money to replace when lost.

Proximity Smart Keys

proximity keysSmart keys represent the latest and greatest in auto security advancement as they work well to protect vehicles while at the same time being extremely convenient to use on a daily basis. These replacement car keys which we are often asked to make because people have lost them often than other car keys, usually come with a switchblade key for emergency usage, but generally speaking, no key has to be inserted in the car’s ignition in order for the car to start. Smart keys unlock the doors and trunk of the vehicle as well as the car’s ignition as soon as the key fob is brought into close proximity of the car. The car is then started by pushing a button inside the car which turns the car on so that you are ready to drive.

Car Key Maker Near Me

Looking to have new car keys made? Leo's Locksmiths can help you out! We know how upsetting losing your keys can be. If you lose your keys, making the trip to your car dealership or local locksmith store front would be super inconvenient, not to mention quite expensive. If you are searching for a key maker near me, you need not look any further, our nearest automotive locksmiths can reach you at your location wherever you are, and can simply make you a brand new car key on the spot.

Our mobile locksmiths drive around with a vehicle full of all the equipment and tools necessary to handle all your car key copy needs for you on the spot. Our team can provide you with the fastest roadside assistance times possible so that you can get back on your way in no time. So, if you are looking to find a key copy near me, there is no reason to waste your time or your money on car dealerships, when our capable locksmith technicians are mobile and can replace your car keys for you on the spot. Get your keys replaced easily and quickly by calling on our car key replacement locksmiths.

No matter what type of key you need replaced, We can help!

Our Leo's Auto Locksmiths are fully licensed and have lots of experience when it comes to completing lost car key replacement services. We service all car makes and models and we have all the specialized tools needed to make replacement keys for cars, no matter how retro your car might be or how new your vehicle might be.

For all your car key replacement needs, Leo's Locksmiths are here to help- Call Now!